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Can you start on my project tomorrow?

Probably not. We are usually quite busy.

However, we may be able to arrange a visit to assess the work and prepare a quote.

If the job is truly an emergency (fire, flooding, burst sewer line, similar), then we will do everything in our power to accomodate the request.

For all other jobs, we will work with you to put together a realistic schedule. You can feel confident that the project will start and end very near the dates agreed upon.

What is so great about hardwood flooring?

Hardwood is an attractive flooring solution for a variety of reasons.

Many people (including us) find that the natural beauty of hardwood floors quite simply outshines the alternatives.

Hardwood floors are also an environmentally sound choice – natural materials drawn from renewable sources, great longevity, eco-friendly cleansers, recyclable, etc.

Although the initial outlay may be greater, hardwood flooring tends to be more economical (if not profitable) over the long run. Hardwood lasts. Even neglected hardwood rarely requires replacing, only refinishing. Hardwood floors also tend to increase home resale values.

Please do not take just our word. We encourage you to read up on the matter.

Are you looking to hire?

We are always interested in hearing from capable and reliable tradespeople. Get in touch.

Did we miss something?

Poke us here.